Workshops are held throughout the year, be it floral art, gardening, photography, or in preparation for a major fundraiser.

Floral Art Workshops meet at 10am on the Saturday prior to General Meetings.

Horticulture and Photography Workshops are held from time to time and will be posted on the calendar.

 Please refer to the calendar and/or individual pages for Floral Art and Photography Schedules


A Floral Art Workshop was held at Horticultural Hall on May 23rd, 2016. Those in attendance were under the watchful eye(s) of floral art masters Cindy Young and Debbie Burville. The results both showed skillful direction and talented budding floral artists! We hope to see more of your work in days to come ladies!

Jambi May 2016-2
Jambi May 2016
Jambi participants
2014-12-18 Wreath Workshop participants
2014-12-18 Wreath2
2014-12-18 Wreath1

A sample of wreaths that have been created at our Christmas workshops