The Smith Garden
St. George

This tiny garden just off Barber’s Alley in St. George was designed by one of our members, Evelyn Young, and created by Garden Club members as our gift to St. George’s when it acquired World Heritage Status some years ago.  We have been looking after it ever since. Pictured below is Garden Club member Betsey Mowbray, a long time contributor with her small band of volunteers to the Smith Garden.  Any Garden Club members who would like to help out for an hour every six weeks can contact

On the occasion of the Bermuda National Trust's 2017 Christmas Walkabout, the Smith Garden was showcased to the public.  Photos below show the magical quality of the garden that night.  Many thanks to all who volunteered on this day and night, including those who helped sustain the public with mulled wine and goodies!

Smiths Garden NT Christmas Walkabout 2017 3
Smith's Garden NT Christmas Walkabout 2017
Smith's Garden NT Christmas Walkabout 2017 2
Rangoon Creeper Smith Garden
Smiths Gdn St. Georges Betsey Mowbray