"When you live in a house in a garden, that garden is renewing your soul every day" - Gordon Hayward

Visit the glorious gardens of our semi-tropical paradise through the Garden Club of Bermuda's Garden Tours Programme. Bermuda has a wealth of exotic flora whose list is seemingly endless and includes: Frangipani, Royal Poinciana, Hibiscus, Bermuda roses, Passion Flower, Agapanthus, Bouganvillea, Stephanotis, Orchids, Bird of Paradise, Oleander, Jasmine, Lady of the Night, Night Blooming Cereus, Bermuda Easter Lily, Wild Freesia.  Local fruits include papaya (pawpaw), starfruit, loquats, surinam cherry, citrus, and avocado, a list of the vast array of vegetables that many locals grow can be seen in our horticulture page, and many medicinal herbs grow wild.

Under The Garden Club's Garden Tours Programme we offer a very unique Bermuda garden experience.  Garden tours are $100 for four persons or less, $25.00 each additional person.  All proceeds go to  the Garden Club's Scholarship Fund and Community Projects.

For details of our tours please contact Felicite Davidson email: tel: 441 234 2455.

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The Garden Club of Bermuda
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Cindy Young, President,
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The Garden Club of Bermuda

General Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, October through May at 10.30 am - see website for address details and date confirmation. There are regular floral workshops, garden workshops, competitive bench exhibits and an annual fund-raising event.
The Garden Club of Bermuda
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A beautiful Fall wreath by one of our most favorite designers.
The Garden Club of Bermuda
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The first meeting for the 2017-2018 year, was held on October 13, 2017. There was a lovely Floral Art Bench of all foliage designs the Vegetable Bench had a large selection fruit and the Flower and Foliage bench had a great fall display. An exciting Photography display was enjoyed by all. The Plant Exchange had lots of goodies for members to take home and the Shop was opened along with refreshments for the members.
We welcomed the Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col. the Hon. David Burch and Roger Parris head of the Skills Development Programme. Roger Parris thanked us for our support and involvement in the Skill Development Programme and Col. Burch also thank us and told us government is committed to the program and would like to see it expanded
Debbie Burville and Susan Conyers were the presenters and talked about the history of WAFA, their experience judging at the WAFA Barbados Show and the design they created for Bermuda’s Honorary Exhibit at the Show along with a slide show of designs at the show
Mark your calendar, next meeting November 10, 2017 @ 10am
The Garden Club of Bermuda
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Wow - talk about braiding work and spectacular design!
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The Garden Club of Bermuda
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