The Garden Club of Bermuda endeavours to foster the awareness of environment and conservation.

"The role of the Education and Conservation Committee is instructing  and imparting knowledge on, as well as assisting in maintaining and preserving the local environment"

The Club is closely associated with the Bermuda National Trust, Keep Bermuda Beautiful, St. George's Foundation, The Botanical Gardens, Buy Back Bermuda, The Rose Society and more. Regular educational trips are arranged for Garden Club members.

For information on Bermuda's Nature Reserves, biodiversity, Plant Finder and more, visit


The "Little Seedlings" Programme
The very successful and popular "Little Seedlings" programme  for 3 and 4 year olds devised by Jill Lamneck and the Education & Conservation team will continue in the 2017/18 Garden Club year.

Our mission: To teach young children to observe, respect and delight in the natural world around them and to "plant the seeds" of understanding both the complexity and the joy of growing their own food.

Our goals: To provide interactive exploration through garden walks, nature books, games, songs, crafts and foods in an hour class for 3 year olds and their parent or grandparent. And, to encourage membership, continued learning, and participation by parents and grandparents in the Bermuda Garden Club.

The Garden Club were sponsors of Nonsuch Island Camp June 2015 and were invited to the final evening of the camp.
Here with President Anna Fulton (left) is Betsy Baillie (Executive Committee member) and David Wingate.

Cambridge Beach Tour
May 1st, 2014

Cambridge Beach Tour Sir Bayard Dill's house

Cambridge Beach Tour participants outside the home of artist Jonah Jones, former residence of musician David Bowie and wife Iman, and originally home of landscape architect Bayfield Clark who designed much of the surrounding area.  For more information please click on the link:
Cambridge Beach Tour

Vesey Nature Reserve Walking Tour and Picnic Lunch
March 20th 2014

Vesey Nature Reserve Mar 2014

The Vesey Nature Reserve is located off of Middle Road, between Evans Bay Road and Rockaway in Southampton. The Reserve is the newest jewel acquired by the Buy Back Bermuda program, a joint initiative of the Bermuda National Trust and the Bermuda Audubon Society. This 8 acre property was donated to the program by Sharon Vesey in 2009. The reserve has since gone through extensive restorations supported by donations to Buy Back Bermuda Campaign II, and was officially opened to the public on Earth Day, April 23rd, 2013. Amenities include walking trails, interpretive signs, a quarry exhibit, an observation platform with fabulous views of the Great Sound, benches to relax on, plenty of places to picnic, and of course fauna and wildlife very important to Bermuda. The Garden Club of Bermuda were treated to a tour of the reserve by Bermuda National Trust director Jennifer Gray, and former Conservation Officer David Wingate.

Laffan Fern

A young Governor Laffan's Fern

At our March 2014 meeting a talk was given by Alison Copeland and Kimberly Burch of the Department of Conservation Services on the critically endangered Governor Laffan's Fern (Diplazium leffanianum) which is endemic to Bermuda. For more information please click on the link below:

2014 St. George's Architectural Tour - January 30th 2014

2014 St. George Arch. Tour

Stewart Hall with The Bermuda Perfumery
Garden Club members l-r Felicite Davidson, Joanne Hunt and Rosalind Gutteridge

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The Garden Club of Bermuda
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Cindy Young, incoming Pres



The Garden Club of Bermuda

General Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, October through May at 10.30 am - see website for address details and date confirmation. There are regular floral workshops, garden workshops, competitive bench exhibits and an annual fund-raising event.
The Garden Club of Bermuda
The Garden Club of Bermuda added 8 new photos.Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 4:52am
After tea we were given a wonderful talk about Gota work, which is the intricate sewing of gold, silver, copper, and rose gold threads in various forms on clothing. There were two models who were in unique beautiful sarees with two forms of this beautiful handmade work. One of the dresses took one month to complete, 20 ladies working on it!!!
The Garden Club of Bermuda
The Garden Club of Bermuda added 11 new photos.Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 4:47am
Later this afternoon we had high tea at the Faluknama Palace, which is one of the 35 palaces in the area still privately owned, and now a very high end hotel. It is perched very high on a peak and upside the Old City, with incredible views in all directions. Guests are bright from the gate to the hotel in horse drawn carriages, and then rose petals are tossed over the upper balcony to the stairs below, as you make your way up to register.
The Garden Club of Bermuda
The Garden Club of Bermuda added 13 new photos.Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 4:41am
Our second stop today was the Chowmahalla Palace, with fabulous stonework inside and out.
The Garden Club of Bermuda
The Garden Club of Bermuda added 14 new photos.Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 4:34am
Today, Tuesday in Hyderabad, was another long hot one. We were taken by bus down into the Old City area to visit Charminar, which is considered the Centre of the city. It is under restoration at the moment, with one of the four minarets completed. We had a considerable walk through some tight streets of vendors selling everything from limes to bangles, to men’s wedding jackets, to shoes, very glitzy outfits and the list goes on. This is a more Islamic part of the city, so we were more modestly dressed, and limited on our use of cameras.
The Garden Club of Bermuda
The Garden Club of Bermuda added 14 new photos — with Anna Fulton.Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 at 3:31am
A long but wonderful day today at a craft village preceded by a traditional lunch on a banana leaf “plate” in a local banquet hall. A little retail therapy was good.

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