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The Garden Club of Bermuda was started in 1921 to stimulate interest in horticulture, floral design and related subjects, and to aid in the conservation of natural resources of the Island. To this end its members work hard to raise money for horticultural and environmental scholarships, and to support the local environmental community, whilst having fun along the way! 


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An important situation has arisen regarding the use of Bermuda's Parklands and consequently The Garden Club of Bermuda has released the following statement :


It is with grave concern that the Garden Club of Bermuda strongly objects to the proposal for the change of use to the Railway Trail Park, Fort Scaur and Hog Bay Park to allow all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) free access to some of Bermuda's most magnificent protected parklands. The Garden Club commends Government’s public consultation on this matter and implores Government to deny permission for this misuse of our valuable protected parklands.

According to Gov.bm PATI Information Statement, the Department of Parks is tasked to manage such protected areas according to the National Parks Act 1986, specifically:

“The protected areas are to be managed in a manner that protects, maintains and enhances the natural and historic values of the protected areas for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations; and to regulate the use of such protected areas so as to ensure that the environmental, social and economic benefits deriving from the areas are sustained.” 

The National Parks Act was created for the protection of open spaces, free of commercial development, for use by locals and tourists to enjoy the peace and quiet of parklands, for walking your dog, communing with nature and protecting wildlife and local flora.

It would be a travesty to see Bermuda’s parklands destroyed in the name of “Eco-tourism”.

The detrimental impact to the parklands would be massive and would include:

  • Trail degradation through soil erosion, compacting and runoff
  • Loss of plant life
  • Noise intrusion destroying the solitude of the natural settings
  • Nest desertion of birds impacting bird watchers
  • Safety of non ATV users
  • Destroying the natural experience and enjoyment of regular park users which may lead to a reduced usage of the parklands
  • Setting a precedent for future use of ATVs throughout the Island, and residents may consider they have the right to import their own ATVs to use on these parklands as well.

Bermuda’s parklands have been well served by the regulations of the National Parks Act 1986 for more than 30 years. The Garden Club of Bermuda would fully support the Government of Bermuda upholding the guiding principles of this Act to deny the proposal for the change of use to the Railway Trail Park, Fort Scaur and Hog Bay Park.

A wonderful historical article from The Bermudian magazine, written by Elizabeth Jones in June 2011, goes back to 1617 and the rich history of Hog Bay Park.  Please click on the link to access http://www.thebermudian.com/features/543-hog-bay-park

If you wish to object to the proposed changes: https://www.gov.bm/proposed-change-use-scaur-hill-fort-park-and-hog-bay-park


Please refer to the calendar for workshops during the months of November and December, including the Education & Conservation Admiralty Park walk and talk, and a Horticultural workshop given by Eddie Cattell on planting your winter vegetables.

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The Garden Club of Bermuda

General Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, October through May at 10.30 am - see website for address details and date confirmation. There are regular floral workshops, garden workshops, competitive bench exhibits and an annual fund-raising event.
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