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If you are visiting or resident on the island and would like to come along to our meetings, please let us know, we would love to see you.  You can also visit some of our unique Bermuda gardens - see here


  The Garden Club is gearing up for the busy season ahead, and our calendar has now been updated for this year's plans.  Floral Art, Photography and Horticultural schedules have been posted on the calendar for handy reference. 

Please browse through our website (and below) for events that have taken place this year.



L-r: Garden Club Scholarship co-chairs Jan MacDonald and Deanna Moss, Kahnae Bean, President Anna Fulton, Kiarrah Rogers, Rhonda Callender (standing in for Kidane), and Anna Terceira

The Garden Club of Bermuda has pleasure in announcing its scholarship recipients for 2016
Anna Terceira (returning winner) - Horticultural Therapy, Kidane Callender (returning winner) Horticulture and Landscaping, Kahnae Bean, studying Project Management at the University of Hertfordshire in UK,  and Kiarrah Rogers studying Landscape Architecture and Business Leadership at Guelph University.  We extend our congratulations to the winners.


Pictured are graduates of the Government of Bermuda Parks Department Skills Development Program 2016 with honoured guest The Hon. N. Cole Simons, JP, MP, Minister of the Environment, and Mrs. Anna Fulton President of The Garden Club of Bermuda, and Roger Parris of Parks Department who heads up this program (3rd & 5th from left)

Skills Development Program 2016

The Skills Development Program run by the Bermuda Government Department of Parks and partly sponsored by The Garden Club of Bermuda is a training and development opportunity for young people aged 19-25 years interested in horticulture and landscaping .

This year's graduation ceremony was described by The Honourable N. Cole Simons, Minister of the Environment:"The training course includes ten modules which have verbal and hands-on assessments at the end of each module.  Modules include plant pruning, pest management, plant identification, spraying, propagation, ground preparation and planting, hand tools and operation and maintenance of small equipment".  Mr. Simons went on to say "since its launch, the Skills Development Program has achieved much success and accolades.  Last year sixteen of the participants landed part-time jobs and four received full time employment".  All 10 participants this year graduated. "This program delivers the skills, knowledge and experience that will assist in making the participants suitable for employment opportunities in both the public and private sector.  This training program offers structure, skills training and support and one of the key advantages of this program is that it focuses on decision making and has enhanced their quality of life."  The Garden Club of Bermuda extends its congratulations to all graduates.

Some excerpts from our President, Anna Fulton's September 2016 Newsletter "Garden Clippings"

This year we welcome Molly White and Liz Jones Ashurst to the Plant Exchange Bench, and Felicity Holmes to the Fruit and Vegetable Bench.

Overseas member, Madeline Daisely, returned to the Island in July from Barbados to celebrate  Cup Match and to make a generous donation of a beautiful cut glass trophy for a new annual award for the fruit and vegetable bench.  Thank you Madeline!

The America’s Cup
A new Garden Club Committee was set up this summer by Cindy Young to begin discussions with various organizations, including ACBDA and the Corporation of Hamilton, and to explore what contribution GC might make for the America’s Cup events in May – June 2017. To date, ideas discussed include a floral art installation at the Airport, beautifying Hamilton with planters, and offering a program of garden tours to tourists and locals. Manpower will be key and the committee hopes to have more information to share on October 14th

Garden Club Longwood Tour: June 6th – 10th 2016
Congratulations and thanks are in order to Ellen Davidson, who planned, organized and accompanied a group of 15 Garden Club members, spouses, and friends on a highly successful tour of Longwood Gardens, Winterthur Museum and Gardens, the Brandywine River Museum, plus visits to three private gardens and a private chapel in the area (kindly organized by GC member Susan Parker and Betsy McCoy). The group was wined and dined in restaurants and private homes, including Susan Parker’s, and given behind the scenes access to places rarely seen by the general public.

Government House School Gardening Program
Mrs. Margaret Fergusson may have left and a new Governor has yet to be announced, but this inspirational program will continue, beginning its 5th year in mid-October. Nine Garden Club mentors have committed to help the students and teachers from Northlands, West Pembroke and Victor Scott Primary Schools on Wed, Thurs and Fri. afternoons from 2-3pm. Please let President Anna Fulton know if you would like more information or be added to the mentor list. The program is now affiliated with the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and the Garden Club has been asked to contribute a short feature article about the program to the RHS monthly publication “The Garden”.

Bermuda National Trust

With Jan MacDonald now representing the Garden Club on the BNT council, this longstanding partnership continues. GC will be helping to decorate St Georges for the Christmas Walkabout on Dec. 2nd.

Congratulations to Garden Club members
Congratulations to Debbie Thorsteinson on completing a grueling sponsored cycle ride from Atlanta to Savannah (376 miles in 6 days) in June and for raising $1,700 for GC and to Diana Chudleigh on receiving the 2016 Palmetto Award – the Bermuda National Trust’s highest annual award.

It was with much sadness that we learned this summer of the passing of two members and old friends – Ed Manuel and Lady Jacqueline Swan.  Ed was a great supporter of Garden Club and his family named The Garden Club as a recipient of donations made in his name. A staggering total of $6,800 has been received in memorial donations to date. I am pleased to announce that it has been agreed that a new Garden Club Scholarship will be named after Ed. I am sure you will all agree that this is a fitting tribute to one of Bermuda’s great horticulturists.  We will miss Lady Swan who had not been able to attend Garden Club meetings for some time.

Looking forward to seeing our members at the meeting on October 14th when the first speaker of the year will be Mr. Allan Rance, of Bermuda Waterworks Ltd. who will be talking about one of our most precious resources – water!




Website updated: 27th September 2016


*Mrs. C. Vail (Higgi) Zuill